At Branding New York City, we understand that the medical spa marketing environment is ever-evolving and saturated. To be competitive, adopt new marketing techniques like SMS text marketing. This strategy helps remind clients about your med spa and boosts bookings and engagement significantly.

Why SMS marketing for MedSpa?

Mobile communication has emerged as one of the most effective means of reaching out to consumers, and medical spas have adopted SMS marketing. Why should you choose SMS marketing? The solution lies in its real-time nature and high interaction rates. Text messages have an open rate that is way higher than emails, making text messages much more effective. This channel allows for timely reminders, special offers, and personalized messages that encourage customers to book their next appointment or avail of a promotion.

How to do SMS Marketing?

More than just sending texts at random is required to practice SMS marketing. It all begins with creating a list of receivers interested in medical spa marketing companies from your medical spa. You can make this by adding sign-up forms on your website, setting up appointments, or offering subscription bonuses. After the list is developed, it is essential to write short, interesting messages and contain clear calls to action. Every message sent to the clients, whether it is a reminder of an appointment, a special discount, or a new service, should be something that the clients will look forward to and at the same time should portray the quality of your company.

Let’s look at the six top SMS software applications that can improve your medical spa marketing efforts, as recommended by Branding New York City:

EZ Texting

EZ Texting has a simple and intuitive interface and offers all the necessary features for SMEs, including med spas. It can be easily interfaced with other client management systems to facilitate automatic sending of appointment reminders and other promotional activities.


SlickText Med spas can use text message sequences to follow up with clients from the time they first make contact to after they have received their treatment. It allows for the development of messages that are tailored to the client data.


SimpleTexting enhances interaction since it supports MMS, which means that photos and videos can be included in the messages, which is useful when presenting the results of the treatment or introducing new services.

Text Magic

TextMagic has a very open platform with detailed statistics on the success of the campaigns, which is very useful for medical spa marketing organizations to adjust their strategies according to the data.


Twilio’s programmable SMS platform is perfect for medical spas that require custom SMS solutions because it allows for integration with existing systems, which leads to more automation and features.


Textedly is perfect for medical spas that are looking for easy yet effective ways of marketing through SMS. Some of the features are the ability to send mass text and schedule messages, which helps to keep clients engaged without overwhelming your administrative staff.

Collaborate with Branding New York City.

Choosing the right SMS software is not the end of the process. Branding New York City provides comprehensive medical spa marketing services, such as SMS marketing, among others. As a leading medspa agency, we enjoy creating unique marketing strategies that are perfectly suitable for your business and the audience you are targeting.

Are you ready to boost your medical spa’s success with effective SMS text marketing campaigns? We would like to invite you to schedule a call with us today. Now, let me tell you more about how we can meet your needs and ensure the success of your medical spa in this competitive industry. Please visit our website to learn more about our full-service medical spa marketing solutions. Allow us to assist you in changing the way your medical spa communicates with customers and keeps them coming back.