Apple’s 30% service charge fee creates a significant shift in how advertising expenditures are controlled on one of the world’s major social media platforms. This cost only applies via the Facebook iOS app, and its direct influence is on how much you spend vs how much of your budget is spent on running your advertising.

Why This Matters?

For companies that use Facebook paid ads options, this cost may rapidly pile up, lowering the effective budget available for ad placement. For example, if you set aside $100 for Facebook advertisements via the iOS app, $30 goes to Apple, leaving just $70 for your real advertising efforts.

5 Ways to Save Money on Paid Ads

  • Use other platforms such as paid social ads manager: One of the simplest methods to avoid this tax is to execute your advertising transactions on other platforms. By accessing your Facebook ad manager using a web browser on a PC or an Android smartphone, you may escape Apple’s in-app purchase mechanism and the 30% tax.
  • Optimizing Your Advertising Spend: Branding New York City specializes in optimizing ads expenditure to maximize ROI. We use performance data to change bids, target audiences, and tweak ad creatives. Even with a smaller budget, efficient ad expenditure yields greater returns.
  • Plan Your Budget With Fees in Mind: If employing iOS devices is inevitable, factor in the extra charge when planning your advertising budget. Increase your overall ad budget to cover the 30% service cost and retain your desired degree of ad exposure.
  • Leverage Ad Credits and Promotions: Platforms such as Facebook sometimes give ad credits as part of promotions. Keep an eye out for these possibilities, as they may help offset the expenses associated with service fees.
  • Consult with a Paid Social Advertising Agency: Working with Facebook paid ads professionals can give you insider information and tactics for getting the most out of your advertising spend. Agencies are well-versed in navigating platform-specific costs and may assist with campaign planning to save money.

Why Use Meta Paid Ads Despite the Fee?

Despite the higher expenses associated with iOS, Facebook’s advertising platform remains one of the most successful platforms for digital marketing. Meta paid ads guarantee that your message reaches the appropriate people. Understanding and reacting to the new cost structure allows you to stay able to benefit from paid Facebook ads without significantly increasing your budget.

Partnering with the Best Paid Ads Agency Today!

Branding New York City is devoted to helping you and your business. Our experience as a leading paid ads agency enables us to provide bespoke plans that are aligned with your company’s objectives and budget, ensuring that your paid advertising efforts provide optimum results.

If you’re ready to improve your Facebook paid ads and save money. Schedule an appointment with our staff, we’re ready and glad to assist you as you navigate these changes and continue to achieve success via efficient digital advertising. Visit Branding New York City to discover more about our complete marketing services.