The massive telecom company,  Verizon, has released their newest logo that is causing everyone to buzz. Following a divisive revamp in 2016, they decided to replace their 20-year-old check mark emblem. The new logo shows a brilliant ribbon-like “V,” which somewhat closely resembles Netflix’s famous “N.” Our team  strive to deliver you this same effect as we offer the best logo designs in New York City which will boost your business and revamp its aesthetics. 

The Grand Viewpoint

Verizon’s action signals a major change in their brand strategy rather than just looks. VP of design and marketing Ricardo Aspiazu said Verizon wants to grow to be a “experience-of- life company”. Away from the conventional telecom carrier atmosphere, they aim to include more lifestyle images into their advertisements.

Why This Matters

Although some social media users argue the logo looks like Netflix, designers may learn a great lesson here. Recognizability counts, yet sometimes ancient symbols lose their meaning. Verizon’s current Neue Haas Grotesk typeface tested is considerably more memorable than the check logo. Thus, “out with the old, in with the new” seems to be the winning plan.


Kate Spade x Heinz: Tomato Chic Domestically Rules

Fashion oriented brand Kate Spade has joined up with Heinz to produce a unique and mouthwatering range.


What’s cooking?

Luxury loafers with a side of ketchup (yes, really!), a crossbody handbag looking like a ketchup packet, a funny T-shirt with the Heinz logo, and an electric-red leather bag make up the Kate Spade x Heinz line. It’s all about embracing the #tomatogirlsummer trend—a Mediterranean-inspired, rosy-cheeked appeal that encompasses cosmetics, clothing, and even food.

Why It Matters

Foodie aesthetics are not going anytime soon; they are really trendy. A high-quality logo is essential for any brand, acting as the visual cornerstone of its identity. Companies want a position on your Crocs, purse, and summer outfit, not just shelf basics. From neon-pink Barbie ketchup to tomato-print skirts, food clothing is clearly a passion. 

Any brand depends on a good logo as it serves as the visual pillar of its character. Here’s the reason excellent logo design is so important:

First impressions: Usually the first connection that consumers have with a brand is that of a logo. A well-thought out designed logo creates a lasting first impression. It captures the brand’s vision, values, and goals through visual aspects. Alongside with offering brand idenity and recognition, a good logo gives the everlasting impression your clients will have on you to retain the trust between both parties. Having consistent logo design across all marketing materials will reinforce your business’s image and message.

At Branding New York City, we specialize in crafting logos that not only look fantastic but also powerfully convey your company’s essence. Strong logos are investments in your business’s future success. Contact us to get your logo designs in New York City.