Whether you’re thinking about starting your own line of cosmetics, already have your own line of cosmetics and are trying to figure out the next step, or are simply an insightful person who wants to learn more about marketing tips and strategies, you’ve come to the right place. Starting any business can be a daunting challenge for anyone in and of itself. The fear of failure is never too far behind and even once you have developed a good idea for a business and maybe even gone so far as to develop a product or a service, then you’re left with what one might even have considered the easy task of selling it. However for most of us when we reach this stage, we realize the simple task of convincing someone to buy your  product much less multiple someones is just as hard or even harder than all the steps taken to get here. That’s where I come in. We are going to give you 5 examples of how brands utilize different digital marketing campaigns for success.


First off, take a good hard look at yourself and your business and start asking the difficult questions. Who am I, who do I want my business to be, and who is the demographic that I am trying to appeal to? Take for instance Fenty Beauty, they stand for inclusivity and have made their name by using models of all different ethnicities and sexualities to celebrate the differences that everyone has by including everyone. This appeals to a wider range of audiences while at the same time is addressing those who might otherwise be overlooked by mainstream society.

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  • Fenty Beauty Digital Marketing Campaign

Standing for something that relates to what you’re doing can be a good foundation that may even help people in the long run if done properly and by extension yourself. When people can relate to what you’re doing, engage in it, and feel a part of it, that leaves a lasting impression that a one time sale never could. Now Fenty Beauty is the example taken to the extreme but I hope it gets the point across. Even donating a portion of the profits to charity would be a great way to help people feel good about buying your product, feel good about your business and what you’re doing, while also doing good for those in need. 


Next up is social media. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and it is, especially for cosmetics, one of the best forms of advertising. Period. Your business must have social media for a plethora of reasons and it’s a good place to start once you’re ready to proceed to the next stage in your work. It is a necessary part of marketing and especially in this day and age where the majority of consumers will have at least one social media platform and since most of the apps are free to download and use, it’s a no brainer.  It’s the biggest asset to the digital marketing agencies in New York, the USA and all over the world and should be taken advantage of. According to Khoros, people’s trust in your brand is increased by 63% if you have social media. It makes you a more credible place to do business and makes people more comfortable with trusting you with their money in return for your product.


The best and worst thing about social media is that everyone is on it. That makes getting attention incredibly difficult, but if you can get their attention, your audience can be unbelievably large. That begs the question: how can you stand out when everyone is trying to? Not to mention standing out for the right reasons, and then retaining any attention you may receive. There are a few ways to go about this and the one or multiple ways are going to heavily depend on what I mentioned previously. Who you are, who your brand is, and who the demographic is that it applies to. Once you figure that out, you can begin to custom tailor your marketing strategy to the needs of your business and move forward from there. When it comes to a demographic consisting of mostly teenagers and young adults, who by the way according to Stella Rising, spend 44 billion a year on beauty products, the influencer route may be a good option for you.

The influencer avenue may be a costly one but when done right and for the right demographic it could be extremely beneficial in the long run. Now I am not saying to jump into the deep end right away and pay thousands of dollars for one measly little post, which may get you some attention but doesn’t exactly equate to sales, but I am saying to keep in mind that in the millennial market 70% of them are swayed by their friends and peers. This is because so many of them, and us for that matter, think that advertisements are just people trying to sell us stuff, which to their credit they are. So when they get recommended a product by a friend or an influencer who they like and follow on instagram they are more likely to go out and buy that product.

  • ColourPop Digital Marketing Campaign

The free giveaway is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to marketing, and it’s maintained its longevity for a reason. It works. The main issue with it is you are giving away a product for free with no guarantee of return. You could compare it to Costco, they’re known for their free little food samples, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. ColourPop took this idea to a new level, because they know who their target audience is (teenagers and young adults) and they know who they follow online. 

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Due to this they decided to invest strategically in a few influencers online who use their products and whom their target audience follows, with the prompt that if a certain amount of likes was reached within 48 hours then ColourPop would give away an eyeshadow pallet along with a $50 gift card to 20 different people. On top of that the description included that each comment left counted as an entry and if you tagged a friend in the comments it would count as an EXTRA entry. The response to this was enormous, generating an unprecedented 75,000 comments, most of whom were their target audience. This gives them a huge spike in brand recognition not to mention a huge influx of new and possibly returning consumers. The only real issue with this route is that the cost involved in advertising through an influencer can be expensive and may not make sense financially for you to do on a regular basis and the return won’t always be like the one ColourPop received.


Glossiers’ solution to this conundrum was to use its consumers as its influencers by featuring content that their buyers made that included their products. This idea goes hand in hand with knowing your brand and knowing your consumers. Glossier advertises to a younger market that operates on social media and a whopping 70% of their traffic and online sales comes from word of mouth, where one friend recommends their products to another. This made their business blow up and Glossier caught on, and capitalized it. They realized the demographic that they were reaching and what appealed to them. Honesty and a real friend. They started writing a blog and engaged with their consumers. Instead of doing what everyone else was doing, they made an effort to educate people, and in turn were educated by them. Glossier did interviews with women for their daily skin care regimen and asked them what they were using and why, and reported it in their blog regardless if the women were using their own products or another brands. Not only is their blog honest and unbiased, it helped Glossier to relate on a personal level with their readers who may otherwise only see a company and not the humans who run it. It also gives them invaluable insight into their own products and adjustments that need to be made allowing them to cater more to their consumers’ needs which in turn makes them more appealing to them. Don’t underestimate the value of the written word.


Anything you search and read on the internet has been written by someone, and even though videos, reels, and shorts are one way people get their information, people read too, and at the moment that important point is being overlooked by a gross amount of marketing agencies. Birchbox on the other hand, like Glossier, know what’s up and have gone so far as to make their own online magazine as well. They decided that while they were making content that is promotional, they would also make it educational and interesting including everything from scalp treatment to makeup storage, along with inspirational interviews with people who you can truly learn from.


Unlike many other brands on the market, Birchbox only operates through subscriptions where upon sign up they will send you a sampler of 5 items to help you get started and to help distinguish what you like and need. The subscription strategy is an interesting one because it is a commitment for the consumer but it does, however, make you feel good every time you receive a package with your products. Like a wonderful gift to yourself once a month. This strategy works for Birchbox but what works for them may not work for you and every strategy should be custom tailored to who you are as a brand, what your trying to achieve, and who your audience is that you want to market to or who you think would benefit the most from what your brand has to offer. Whether it is the subscription method or another device is up to you.


Lastly, it’s ok to have some fun with it! Some of the most memorable advertisements are the funny ones and even some of the weirder ones will stick with you. One of the biggest highlights of the Super Bowl isn’t watching the game, but the advertisements! They get weirder and funnier every year and it stays with you. In the 2018 Super Bowl Doritos and Mountain Dew hired Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) to lip-sync to Busta Rhymes and it was absolutely amazing and unforgettable, on par only with Morgan Freeman who followed immediately after lip singing to Missy Elliott in a hilariously awesome moment in history. If you have never seen it, you may want to look it up.


The Dollar Shave Club took this idea to a whole new level by joking about hygiene on an outrageous scale, this coupled with offering the first month free if the consumers pay shipping was a great way to launch their brand. The humor appealed to their demographic because they realized that men and teenagers are spending more money on beauty products, the price was affordable, and the first month free got them started, then their product got them to stay. Coming back down to earth and being able to relate to your consumers at their level really helps for them to relate to not only your company but to the products it makes, which in turn makes them more inclined to do business with you rather than your competitors. 

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