Having a well designed logo for your business is of paramount importance. It’s one of those things that no business owner should cut corners on, as it is a visual representation of your business and helps you create a unique brand identity. 

This is important, as your brand identity helps provide a first impression for your business – and if done correctly, it can leave a lasting impression that is memorable, timeless, one-of-a-kind, and perfectly represents your brand as a whole. After all, your brand identity should effectively communicate your brand’s character and having a high quality, well designed logo can take you a very long way. 

Think about it – McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, and many other brands have done a great job of creating memorable logos that stick. It’s essentially a famous symbol that helps provide visual communication to individuals. Additionally, it’s important to know that your logo should be one of the first steps when it comes to developing your brand’s identity as well serve as the foundation of your graphic design direction for all of your marketing collateral. 


To reiterate, logo design is important, as when done right, it can provide a lasting, timeless, and one-of-a-kind visual that perfectly represents your brand as a whole. For instance, when we think of any type of brand that has successfully created high quality logos, we associate them with the logo itself. Having a well designed logo is everything to your brand and is something that should be done by a team of graphic designers who specialize in logo design. However, it doesn’t just stop there. You’ll want to work with a team who will take the time to really understand your brand as a whole, including your values, goals, and what exactly you wish to exude from your logo. 

As a highly reputable logo design agency, Branding NYC has provided clients with exceptional logo designs that perfectly represent their brand. It is imperative to work with a team who has the knowledge and experience in order to achieve unmatched results. – In addition, you want a design that will stand out among others especially on social media platforms. 


Ever since ancient times, symbols have been around for a purpose, which was to provide visual communication. For example, hieroglyphs were used in ancient Egyptian and other writing systems as a means of communication. And this form of visual communication still exists today: through logos. A well designed logo helps businesses provide visual communication that represents the company and what it stands for. It is a non-negotiable when it comes to having a brand and choosing the right team that specializes in professional logo design NYC is crucial to building your brand’s identity. This also should serve as the building blocks to your brand’s color palette to its full web design. 


It is worth mentioning that the logo design process is not a straightforward process. There are many important elements and thoughts that must go into it in order to achieve the results that will provide that type of awe-inspiring result that we all wish to have in a logo. Here are some things to avoid when hiring a logo designer:

  • Avoid freelance services

While freelance services can be great for a lot of things, logo design is not at the top of that list. More often than not, many people fall into the trap of finding designers on Google or freelance services, such as Fiverr and similar companies. When you choose a freelancer service, you will find generic logo designs that do not capture your brand’s identity effectively. 

If you are looking for the best solution when it comes to finding a high quality logo design, it’s always best to go with a reputable logo design agency that will take the time to understand your business as a whole, as well as your goals, vision, and values. Additionally, choosing the right agency will ultimately save you time, money, and effort in the long run, as it is their ultimate goal to ensure that you are absolutely in love with your final logo design and won’t end up hating it soon after.

Additionally, it is important to know that many freelance services promise a quick turnover and more often than not, end up being something that does not represent your brand as it should. When you work with a team with years of experience, such as Branding NYC, you can expect unmatched services and communication to ensure that your vision is perfectly captured.

  • Avoid inexperienced logo designers

High quality logo design takes a lot of work, knowledge, and experience. Forget about finding someone who is inexperienced because this will drag the entire process out even longer, only to result in something you’re unhappy with. Oftentimes, people cut corners and choose an inexperienced and inexpensive logo designer that will only cost them in the long run. Save your time, money, and effort, and go with a team that provides high quality work, as logo design is not something you want to skimp out on.

  • Avoid the pricing trap

Another common problem that many people find themselves in is the pricing trap. For example, many logo design freelance services will offer unusually cheap logo designs for as little as $5-$40. But let’s face it – no reputable or experienced logo designer is going to charge as little as that. With that being said, be careful when it comes to finding the right logo designer, as there are a lot of amateurs out there that won’t deliver the results you deserve.


Research is absolutely essential when it comes to finding a respectable logo designer. Therefore, do plenty of research before settling on a logo design agency. Here are some things you should take a look at:

  • Portfolio: Take a look at their portfolio, as this is telling in a lot of aspects. You can take a look at their specialties and style. Additionally, you should check to confirm that the logos in their portfolio are real and in use. This will show proof of their work, which is absolutely critical.

Ask about the design process: You should always ask about the design process. For instance, how will they familiarize themselves with your brand and market? How do they choose the right style? How long will it take to finalize the design? There are many important questions to ask when it comes to the design process and when working with the right team, they will know how to answer and deliver.

  • Communication: Good communication is key and proves that the team you’re working with values you as their client. A good designer will ask you to explain your ideas and goals and work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met. 
  • Testimonials: Check out their testimonials, as previous clients’ feedback will speak volumes. After all, testimonials will help you learn a lot about the designer.