Your brand’s logo design is important. It’s used to convey your message, pique interest, and remain distinguishable — all in one image. Everything from colors to symbols and lettering plays a key part in your logo design, and it can be a complex process that requires the right blend of graphic design, marketing, and elaborate research skills to get right. So, why is it that companies hesitate to invest in logo design NYC?

Put simply, there is a notion that logo design is expensive; despite the proven necessity of a strong logo, it’s not a cost many companies think needs to be considered when setting up shop. Additionally, the skills required to produce a strong logo leads many to believe expert-level designs are out of their budgets. This is a misconception. While some custom logo designers charge high rates, there’s also an array of price points for some of the best logo design services that would suit many companies. Before plunging into how much everything costs, it’s important to understand the process of a logo design’s conception.


A great logo design isn’t created easily; it takes a deep understanding of the brand, a creative eye for detail, and strong analytical skills to create an image that ticks all of the boxes. There are fundamental questions the designer must ask to determine if a logo is effective.

  • How does the logo fit in with the brand identity (its mission, purpose, and values)?
  • How will it appeal to the brand’s desired audience? Will it resonate with them and remain recognizable among a crowded market?
  • Are the colors, symbols, and lettering all used purposefully and impactfully? 
  • Is it representative of the story you’re trying to tell?

Moreover, research is a key step in executing the best logo design strategies. By understanding the brand and its competitors inside and out, a logo has a better chance of standing out as a memorable embodiment of your brand. But, what makes logo design something worth investing into?


Think of any popular or successful company and you’ll likely remember their logo. But when you see a logo, will you automatically associate it with a brand? The Nike swoosh, the Starbucks siren, and the McDonald’s “M” are all great examples of iconic logos that have succeeded in immediate recognition, brand identity, and great use of color and form. Without these images to support a company, there is no brand because by definition, a brand is a concept created for the public to associate with a company or product. 

Studies have shown that customers will return to a brand they recognize, and more specifically, if their logo is appealing. The majority of people also consider a logo to be the strongest signifier of a brand, speaking to the significance a strong logo can have. This is important as well, because successfully building on brand loyalty (customers coming back time and time again) will ultimately be more valuable than one-off purchases. Suffice to say, putting the effort into a strong logo design is imperative for your company’s brand identity, loyalty, and customer retention.


There’s no right or wrong way to go about getting your logo designed as long as you ensure each of the necessary boxes are ticked, and the end result is effective. There’s several options and price points out there, however, you’ll see a significant difference in the quality and efficacy between creating a logo yourself and hiring a design agency to go the extra mile for you. Let’s break down the varying options and what each price point can entail.

  • DIY: Free – $50

Doing it yourself will almost always be the cheapest of your options. As long as you put in the extra time and research (and having some graphic design experience can’t hurt), you might be able to create something that could compete on the market. The costs come into play when you have to purchase design software or online tools, like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • Logo Templates: $20 – $200

Logo templates can be found online with ease and downloaded for a relatively small chunk of change. They can cut time and costs, but the concern lies in the lack of tailoring. When using a logo template, you run the risk of ending up with a design that doesn’t suit your brand or customer at all — or worse, you could end up with a logo just like your competitor’s.

  • Freelancers: $25 – $800

Working with a freelance designer can range in price, level of quality, and timelines. A beginner freelance designer for example, might be more affordable but their inexperience could ultimately be a risk. And, if you’re paying a freelancer by the hour, sometimes timelines shift and the project could cost you more than anticipated. It’s important to always review the freelancer’s portfolio, testimonials, and experience before taking them on.

  • Crowdsourcing: $130 – $700

Crowdsourcing can be costly, but the variety of logo designs you’ll get in return might be worthwhile. By publishing a project online where designers can submit their logo ideas, you might see some truly inspirational concepts. On the downside, you might also end up with piles of unrelated, irrelevant designs you can’t use. The incalculable outcomes and high price are why many companies are hesitant to opt for crowdsourcing.

  • Design Marketing Agency: $800+

As you start to climb up into higher price points, you’ll be more likely to encounter higher quality services. A custom logo design is more likely to attract your ideal audience, represent your brand, and set your company up for success in the future. A custom logo design can cost $800+ but the tailored approach, trusted professionals, and peace of mind are often worth that little bit extra.


Don’t spend more than you need to on your brand’s logo design. Branding New York City offers the best logo design services, tailored to your company’s needs. The importance of a strong logo can’t be understated, so schedule your personal consultation today!